Let’s skip the steakhouse

Broderick Turner
2 min readAug 30


I have a weird job. A great job, but a weird one. As a marketing professor and academic researcher, I am surrounded by the sea of commerce and capitalism, but am mostly adrift as an outside observer.

This vantage gives me a different perspective on business than most business people. My livelihood is not dependent on revenue, cost, sales, or bottom lines. Thus, I get to observe and note. I get paid,in fact, to observe and note. And because I’m paid fairly well, am fairly insightful, and fairly outgoing, I get invited to quite a few business-events: meetings, keynotes, dinners, etc.

And, my business friends- can we be honest for a bit?

Steakhouses suck.

I know you don’t get to admit this. You have to do the business pageantry. You have to put on your armor of khakis and Patagonia vests. You have to shake hands and smile and remember names and titles. You have to dance and sing for your supper. I get it. I respect it.

But do you have to do it at a steakhouse?

You already are forced to attend conferences at hotels where the chicken is dry and the bean water is tepid. I think you deserve better than another porterhouse. I think you deserve more than cream spinach and dusty mashed potatoes. At least you deserve something different. Don’t you?

So, I’ll make a deal with you. If you want to meet me out in person and go to lunch or dinner, we can go anywhere!

Tacos? Sign me up.

Sichuan Hot Pot? I’m there.

Brick oven pizza? Yep.

Vegan smoothies? I’d even rather do this than another dry T-bone.

If accounting asks why they are reimbursing three orders of Jalea Mixta, just blame Dr. Turner. Tell them I would have passed on the meeting otherwise. Send them this blogpost.

But please, let’s skip the steakhouse.



Broderick Turner

Assistant Professor of Marketing @ The Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech